The Brazilian international Dani Alves has said that he wants the Brazilian superstar Neymar to join Barcelona because he feels that it would be the right step to improve his career. The 20-year-old Neymar is already regarded as one of the best Brazilians in recent times. He has even been compared with the likes of Pele due to his extraordinary talent. He has been linked with some of the best clubs in the world over the past few years. Chelsea news reported that Chelsea were the first to show an interest in the player, but Neymar has already rejected the possibility of joining the Premier league club.

It is widely anticipated that he would be either moving to Spain or Italy rather than move to England. Due to the incredible success of Brazilian players at the camp Nou, it is thought that Neymar would be interested in a move to the Spanish club Barcelona. The Barcelona defender Dani Alves has also suggested that it would be the right move at this stage in his career because Barcelona is a club that will allow him to flourish. Dani Alves has also said that he has advised to Neymar that he should leave Brazil in order to become a better player.

“I’ve already advised him to leave Brazil. He would improve a lot and he would become a lot more respected. I really wish I could get to see him play alongside Messi, “said the Barcelona defender in a recent interview. Meanwhile, Neymar has said that he has no information regarding the rumours that he has already signed a contract with Barcelona and is expected to move in the January transfer window. Barcelona did not make any great signings during the summer transfer window and Neymar is expected to be the star name in the January transfer window.