Neymar has become the 5th top goal-scorer of Brazil

At the age of 23, Neymar has already managed to score 43 goals for Brazil at the international stage as the young star of Barcelona has turned into the 5th highest goal-scorer for his country.

Neymar surpassed Bebeto who during his playing career scored 39 goals for Brazil but at this rate it seems like Neymar will overthrow everybody else in the list of goal-scorers which includes players such as: Zico, Romario, Ronaldo and Pele.

All of those players are the ones who are ahead of Neymar in the goal-scoring charts of Brazil but in a few years it could be changing as the young player has a promising future ahead of him.

The Brazilian football team has not been able to lift a World Cup title since 2002 but the national squad which is being guided by Dunga has a team filled with promising young figures with the likes of: Danilo, Fabinho, Oscar, Philippe Coutinho, Lucas Moura and Neymar all expected to turn the Brazilian side into the champions that they once were some time ago.

During the 2014 World Cup, the Brazilian squad managed to reach the semi-finals of the international competition but was knocked out after losing against Germany with a devastating scoreboard of 7-1.

The coach of the Brazilian squad, Dunga is hoping that another scoreboard like this one does not occur and he has been giving other Brazilian players the chance to step up and turn into a regular starter for the national side but Neymar remains being one of the few players who still continues being chosen and seems to be an irreplaceable figure. Continue reading “Neymar has become the 5th top goal-scorer of Brazil”