Neymar has been one of the hottest properties in world football right now. He has been linked with some of the best clubs in the world like Barcelona, Chelsea, and Real Madrid. However, the Santos manager Muricy Ramalho is of the opinion that the 20-year-old should choose Barcelona over other clubs when he decides to leave the South American continent. Neymar still has two years left on his current contract and is widely expected to leave the South American continent after the end of the 2014 FIFA World Cup. However, there have been numerous attempts to prize him even before that.

Muricy Ramalho is of the opinion that the style of play that is adopted by Barcelona is extremely similar to the one used in Brazil. Hence, it is extremely easy for Neymar to adapt to a new surroundings. One of the biggest tests for the 20-year-old will be to adapt to a new situation after having grown extremely comfortable in Brazil. Ramalho has said that it will be an extreme joy to see both Neymar and Lionel Messi play in the same team. Lionel Messi is right now regarded as the best player in the world, while Barcelona have been thought of as the best team in the world.

“It would be amazing to see a Barcelona side with Neymar and Messi. Barcelona is a very similar side to ours. The players like to pass the ball around. I think Neymar would be best suited to Barcelona. Real Madrid plays a different style of football. Neymar is destined for Europe after the World Cup. He must choose the club he goes to wisely. The best option for me is Barca,” said Ramalho. Neymar is expected to cost around £ 35 million, while Santos have already rejected a bid from Chelsea.