After weeks of investigation and rumors involving Neymar’s switch from Santos to Barcelona it was finally determined that the Brazilian made his move to Spain with a transfer fee of around €57 million and €40 million of that money was transferred to a company which is owned by Neymar’s father and the deal involved paying the company a substantial fee as part of the transfer in commission but Barcelona did not report or announce a lot of those facts, which is why the investigation was done and the Catalan club had to dig out many documents of the exchange.


The former president of Santos Luis Alvaro de Oliviera Ribeiro called Neymar to be a jerk and that it was a right decision to put people like him in court. He may be referring to the fact that the Brazilian knew all about the transaction with the substantial amount of money going directly to his family but instead of announcing it, he just remained quiet.


Neymar replied to Luis Alvaro de Olivier Ribeiro and he also criticized the board of directors of Santos as well as defending his father.
“Today, I understand why my friend Ganso didn’t stay in Santos: it wasn’t because he didn’t like the club or didn’t want to play for Santos, but because of the board of directors!

“I always respected all of them and I have been extremely professional. I’m utterly disappointed with former president LAOR and the current one, Odilio’’
“Today all that is gone after the things he said about my father. I’m sick of that, all that talking is getting on my nerves! If he thought my father was dumb, he was wrong! I’m a fan of my father and I’ll continue to be for having taken me to where I am today and if he made millions over that, what’s the problem? He worked; he didn’t wait for anything to fall from the skies’’.’Neymar wrote on his Intagram account.