Zuniga Apologies For Neymar Injury

The Colombian defender Juan Camilo Zuniga recently apologized for his unintentional actions towards Neymar which concluded with the Brazilian star on picking up an injury that will be leaving him out of the remaining stages of the 2014 World Cup.


Camilo Zuniga released a statement which read: “I am deeply sorry and said about what happened although I feel the situation was normal in a game, there was no bad intention, malice or negligence on my part.”


Even though the harsh tackle of Zuniga towards Neymar will be leaving out the Brazilian star of the worldwide event, FIFA will not take action against what happened and this has sparked a series of criticism against the International Football Association as supporters of Brazil have compared this event with Luis Suarez who even though did not damage Giorgio Chiellini on a long term manner, the Uruguayan attacker was still sanctioned for a significantly long period of time.


However in this case, Zuniga did harm Neymar on a long term way but the Colombian defender will not receive any kind of sanctions or punishments for his actions.


Brazilis implementing a treatment with Neymar that will allow the young attacker on recovering at a quick pace but even with this fast recovery, it will not be enough for him to represent his nation at the 2014 World Cup even if they do manage on entering the finals on July 13.


Neymar expressed how hard it has been for him to not be able on representing his country at a World Cup thatBrazilis hosting, where fans are expecting theBarcelonastar on being the main attacking outlet of the squad.


“I don’t have words to describe what has been going through my head and my heart. I just want to say that I will be back as soon as possible. When you least expect I’ll be back’’ Neymar said.