Brazil is back on track and Neymar credits Tite for Brazil’s resurgence

The Brazilian national football side has recently been struggling to perform at their traditional top tier form and this is evident by the fact that they were eliminated from the 2015 edition of the Copa America after losing against Paraguay and failed to qualify for the FIFA Confederations Cup for the first time in over 15 years.

1 year later and the 2016 edition of the Copa America Centenario kicked off and Brazil once again disappointed after losing against Peru. This defeat saw Brazil being eliminated from the tournament in the group stages which is something that had not happened since 1987 and it was ultimately the end of Dunga as the manager was later fired.

On June of 2016, Adenor Leonardo Bacchi was selected as the man to replace Dunga and the resurgence of Brazil has already been felt as Brazil recently secured their qualification spot for the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup after having collected 33 points from their 14 opening qualification matches which is enough to qualify for the approaching worldwide competition.

Neymar is the most renowned player in the Brazilian national side as well as one of the most influential performers as well and the 25 year old attacker has recently stated that this rebirth of Brazil can be credited in a large part to Tite.

“Tite managed to mold us in the right way, the Brazilian way and we are playing football now.I don’t think he’s changed that many players. We’ve just changed the way to play and this is starting to show up in all the players with all their strengths. And I’ve always said that Brazil have a lot of high quality players. And I think that is the main reason we are playing well.” Barcelona’s Neymar said as he highlighted the impact that Tite has made in the Brazilian team.