Neymar is being investigated for tax fraud

It seems like more and more players of Barcelona are being involved with tax fraud and things of this nature as Messi a few months ago was entangled with not paying tax and he was investigated along with his father.


Neymar is the latest player of Barcelona to be linked with allegations of tax fraud. Brazilian tax authorities are believed to be examining documents from the finance ministry and have been taking a look at Neymar’s accounts for over a year.


Federal prosecutors say they hope to file charges in the next few weeks. Authorities have announced that they have already been seeing a mysterious and unnatural cash flow of around 115 million Brazilian raeals which is about €25 million between the years of 2011 and 2014.


In May of 2013, the Brazilian attacker made a switch from Santos to Barcelona for a transfer fee of €57 million but a few weeks after the transfer and everything was completed, there was an investigation made which revealed contradictory information about the transfer.

This investigation that was done placed pressure on Barcelona and some of his executives, it came to a point where the president SandroRosell was accused of being involved and knowing everything that was going on but contradictory was revealed was announced to the public and despite knowing the truth, Rosell did not say anything until he began to be investigated and ultimately Rosell decided to step down from his presidential role at the Spanish club.


Neymar has responded some of the allegations that have been going on involving him and tax scandals as the Brazilian player said: “I’ve been quiet until now, but I can’t go on listening to all these things about my transfer. A lot of people come out and talk a load of rubbish, calling our character into doubt.”

Neymar’s move from Santos to Barcelona was completed over 2 years ago but there are still are news and things that keep on emerging from that transfer.