Neymar To Play For Brazil At Rio Games

Brazil’s coach Alexandre Gallo has said that out of the players that can be over the age of 23 in Brazil’s soccer team for Olympics of 2016, Neymar will be one of them.

He has been talking about what his plans about the team are with Sport TV in Brazil in an interview. He has told that he will be selecting those players that are over-age or maybe he shall select two out of the three. He has also said that Neymar was going to be one of them was for sure. He has referred to Neymar as an integral part of the Brazilians and has said that without him Brazilian football could not be thought of.

Neymar who is just 22 has been a like a gem in the World Cup that was held earlier. Brazil lost in the semi finals after Neymar had injured himself during the quarter finals. Though there have been five silver cups for Brazil, it has never been able to win a gold in Olympic soccer. We shall be seeing for the first time Rio de Janerio hosting an event as grand as Olympics in 2016. Neymar has already been a team member that won Silver in the previous Olypmic game and was just 20. Undoubtedly he will be one of the most recognizable Olympian.

Though for coach Gallo it is clear that Neymar should be a part of the team, it is not all that will matter. There are some nations that take more benefits from the rule for Olympic where the teams are made up of players 23-and-under and with the option of having only three players that can be more than the required age. Brazil too had used this exception to the best possible way by keeping some highly talented players in the team last time.