Neymar and Barcelona are once again involved in legal issues

Ever since Neymar completed his move from Santos to Barcelona and was unveiled as a new player of the Spanish club on June of 2013, there have been a number of transfer investigations and legal issues that have been taking place involving the transfer of the Brazilian player.

There are a number of reasons of why these investigations have been taking place. One of them is the fact that Barcelona appears to have lied concerning on much money was exactly spent in signing Neymar.

The president of Barcelona Josep Maria Bartomeu initially stated that the price tag of Neymar was €57.1 million but it was later discovered that Barcelona had paid around €86.2 million with the parents of Neymar receiving around half of that amount. Barcelona and Bartomeu were eventually charged with tax fraud.

Barcelona was believed to have solved all of these legal issues back on June when they secured a deal with prosecutors and settled a case which involved the Spanish club having to pay $6 million in fines and being able to avoid trial on charges of tax evasion involving the transfer but more recently, an investment group from Brazil has emerged claiming that they owned 40% of Neymar’s transfer rights but they did not receive the money that they were entitled to.

The Brazilian investment group DIS are now calling for a prison sentence as they have ordered the judge Jose de la Mata to re-open the case and push for having Neymar receiving a prison sentence for 2 years and also to see Rosell as well as the Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu receive a 8 year long prison sentence.

Signing Neymar and trying to hide the exact details of the transfer is something that has caused an enormous aftermath with a number of people being involved including: the parents of Neymar, vice-president of Barcelona Josep Maria Bartomeu, the former president Sandro Rosell and a few other figures.