Neymar wants to win again

Brazil and Barcelona forward Neymar said that he seeks to win the Champions League again with Barcelona.

The striker has already won the trophy in his first season with the Spanish club and that that he wants to achieve the same again.

He said that this was an enjoyable experience for him and that he wants to relive it. He stated that it is not good to win it only once in your career and that you need to keep on fighting in order to win it again. The Barcelona forward said that his objective at the moment is to win La Liga and also the Champions League again.

He believes that Barcelona is the right team if you want to win the Champions League again. He said that there are so many players that have won the trophy more than once with the Spanish team and this is what he wants to achieve also.

He was speaking ahead of the game that saw Barcelona beat Manchester City in the Champions League. Neymar said that Manchester City is a good team but believes that they are still a work in progress. He believes that Barcelona is a complete team at the moment and they are probably the best team in the world at the moment.

He said that all the players are motivated and that they want to win all the competitions that they are participating in. He stated that he is still hungry and that he still work hard in training in order to improve. He believes that the club can become better and that it all depends on the players. He feels at the moment that they are on a right path and that they need to give their best on the pitch if they want to win matches.