Neymar left for new challenge

Former Barcelona forward Neymar said that he did not leave the Spanish club because of money.

He said that there are many rumors going around that he left for the French club because he was interested in a greater paycheck but this is not the case. He said that he is at a time of his career where he wants a new challenge and he feels that signing for Paris Saint Germain will be an ideal way to achieve that.

Many pundits have criticized the move stating that Neymar was only behind the money and the Brazilian player believes that it is unfair to do so. He said that he has been attracted by the Paris Saint Germain ambitions of becoming the best team in Europe and that he wants to form part of this objective.

He said that he had done his best at Barcelona and he has always put the interest of the team above his own and he feels that it is now time for a change.

He said that he wants to achieve something in his career and he feels that Paris Saint Germain is the right place to do it.

Some people believe that Neymar has been tired to be in the shadow of Lionel Messi at Barcelona and he feels that he could become a leader at Paris Saint Germain. The French club wants to win the Champions League, and they feel that signing a player of Neymar quality will help them achieve just that.

Neymar said that he is happy to be in France and that he is looking forward to start playing with his new team mates. He said that the objective of the team is to win the French league as well as the Champions League and he is determined to help his team mates achieve that.