Is Neymar Going To Reject The Barcelona Transfer And Remain In Paris Saint Germain?

It is under speculation that Neymar, the Brazilian forward isn’t much happy about his present club, PSG and might switch over to Barcelona once again. This is the club where he had started his career. After he formed a dangerous partnership with Suarez and the legendary Messi at Barcelona, Neymar switched over to the capital of French and made a world record with £198 million. The question now is is Neymar going to move back to Barcelona?

It has been reported that if Neymar makes a switch over to Barcelona, he is not going to earn as much he is now earning at PSG. Moreover, he will also have to give PSG a significant amount as compensation since their record transfer fee for the Brazilian didn’t produce proper returns. According to reports, Barcelona was going to give Paris Saint-Germain Rakitic or Dembele in the alleged exchange deal.

Irrespective of the alleged links to Barcelona, speculations about Neymar sticking to PSG rose as he renewed his contract with Qatar National Bank some days back. However, he has a clause in the deal that is going to make Barca purchase him back the summer of 2020 for a price of £193 million. Thus, it seems like Neymar has decided to wait for that period.

After his excellent performance in the World Cup 2018, Mbappe has turned out to be the wunderkind of Paris Saint-Germain and everybody has been talking about him. Neymar had been irked about this as he reported left Barcelona for escaping the shadow of Messi. Nonetheless, the on-field chemistry in between Neymar and Mbappe has turned out to simple rumors that don’t have any base. They are pretty close on-field, as well as off-field.