Neymar – The Highly Paid Footballer

The transfer of Neymar to Paris Saint Germain to Barcelona has produced news and an all-new chapter has been included in the saga. Well, it’s needless to say that the Brazilian is the costliest footballer in the history of the football sport. However, the news is that he was more expensive than what was actually reported.  On 3rd August last summer precisely, PSG made an announcement on the signing of the forward Neymar from Barcelona. PSG made the payment for the releasing clause in the contract of the player a sum of 222 million Euros. But, as per the latest football news with the data and facts accumulated by the media, the transfer was a lot more expensive than what was actually mentioned.

In addition, PSG had to make a payment of 10.7 million Euros as commission to all the agents who were part of the transfer. One was Pini Zahavi, the Israeli intermediary and the other one was Neymar Senior. Also, an extra sum of 8.7 million Euros needs to be added towards solidarity contribution to the club that formed him for a sum of 252 million Euros. The man who played the role as the go-between in the contract deal with the father of the player is none other than Zahavi, who is a heavyweight when it comes to these transfers.  This summer, he attempted to convince through an exit from Bayern Munich for Robert Lewandowski as his choice of destination was Real Madrid, but it did not turn out to be successful.

As far as Neymar is concerned, he has a great opportunity to earn huge money till the time he remains in the good books of the club. The 26-year-old also gets paid for clapping for the fans of PSG. There is no wonder he is so much in demand and has made a brilliant record in the world of football.